McGill experts: Bill C-36


Bill C-36, the federal government’s proposed new law to govern sex work
Published: 10Nov2014

McGill expert: Angela Campbell, Faculty of Law

Story: The Conservative government's controversial anti-prostitution bill passed third reading in the Senate on Tuesday and requires only royal assent to become law. The government had wanted to get the Bill C-36 through the legislative process by the middle of this month, so it could become law by December. That would meet the deadline imposed by the Supreme Court of Canada when it struck down existing laws as unconstitutional last year.

Expertise: Prof. Campbell teaches in the areas of family law, criminal law, successions, and health law. Her research in these areas aims to interrogate the interface between law and controversial or unorthodox practices associated with marriage, kinship, sexuality and reproduction.

Prof. Campbell’s recent publication: Sister Wives, Surrogates and Sex Workers Outlaws by Choice? : (Ashgate, 2013),


Story: Senate approves controversial prostitution Bill C-36

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