McGill, ÉTS announce collaborative aerospace projects


Published: 12Feb2013

In July 2012, the two institutions signed a historic 25-year agreement, aimed at increasing their collaboration in teaching, research, the development of innovation and technology transfer. “Aerospace Engineering was quickly identified as one of the key strategic areas in which McGill and ÉTS offer a range of complementary expertise which can be aligned to attain greater achievement,” stated Dr. Stephen Yue, Professor of Mining and Materials Engineering at McGill and Director of the McGill Institute for Aerospace Engineering (MIAE).

The first project announced is the establishment of the Centre for Aerospace Professional Education (CAPE), which provides hands-on, short courses and programs for professionals and engineers covering topics such as Aircraft Design and Materials, Icing, Patents and Liability, Simulation Methods, Aviation and the Environment.

The two institutions are also launching new collaborative research projects with the aim of building on the combined strengths of their researchers in the following areas:

  • Design and Optimization of Integrated Aicraft Propulsion Systems (Dr. Wagdi Habashi (McGill) and Dr. Hany Moustapha (ÉTS));
  • Forming and Solid State Joining of Aerospace Alloys (Dr. Stephen Yue (McGill) and Dr. Mohammad Jahazi (ÉTS));
  • Advanced Composites for Aircraft and Aero-Engines (Dr. Pascal Hubert (McGill) and Dr. Martine Dubé (ÉTS)) and;
  • Next Generation Aero-Icing Flight Simulation (Dr. Wagdi Habashi (McGill) and Dr. René Landry (ÉTS)).

Finally, McGill and ÉTS have entered into an agreement to create a Canadian Hybrid Aero-Icing Laboratory (HAIL), a project led by Dr. Wagdi Habashi of McGill and Dr. François Morency of ÉTS. This pilot facility will be created in Montreal for combined aerodynamic and icing testing that marries in novel ways physical testing and computation, in real time.

“ÉTS and McGill have been working closely over the last year to bring these six collaborative projects into existence. We believe that each of these partnerships is a win/win which will allow us to build on our combined expertise to further advance research in the aerospace field and better meet the needs of the industry. We look forward to involving more professors and students in these projects in 2013 and beyond,” stated Dr. Hany Moustapha, Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Director of Aerospace Programs (AÉROÉTS) at École de technologie supérieure.

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