McGill’s new Integrated Program in Neuroscience: All of McGill neuroscience, together in one location


The Integrated Program in Neuroscience (IPN) is McGill's brand new, inter-departmental, inter-disciplinary neuroscience program for graduate students.  As Canada's largest training program for neuroscience students, this new program will bring together and encourage synergy amongst faculty members, postdoctoral fellows and students from different backgrounds all with a neuroscience focus.

The program is kicking off with a two-day retreat on September 17th and 18th at the Centre Mont-Royal.  The retreat will welcome new graduate students and will also present a unique opportunity for all the neuroscientists under the McGill umbrella to gather under one roof.

Come find out how your researchers are contributing to the rich neuroscience culture for which McGill is renowned. Where electrophysiologists can meet neuro-engineers or imaging specialists and behavioural neurobiologists and more!

Program highlights for September 18th

Albert Aguayo, Neurology & Neurosurgery, Centre for Research in Neuroscience.

Current topics in Pain Research: Jeff Mogil, Pain Genetics Lab


  • Dr. Petra Schweinhardt, Professor, Faculty of Dentistry/IPN
  • Dr. Laura Stone, Professor, Faculty of Dentistry/IPN
  • Dr. Ji Zhang, Professor, Faculty of Dentistry/IPN

Biochemical mechanisms underlying the Memory Trace: Wayne Sossin, Montreal Neurological Institute


  • Joanna Bougie, IPN Graduate Student, Montreal Neurological Institute
  • Paola Virginia Migues, Graduate Student, Psychology
  • Michael Bidnosti, Graduate Student, Biochemistry

Wiring and Firing: Development of Functional Connections in the Nervous System: Don Van Meyel, Centre for Research in Neuroscience


  • Janet Prince, IPN Graduate Student, Montreal Neurological Institute
  • Yimiao Ou, IPN Graduate Student, Centre for Research in Neuroscience
  • Neil Schwartz, IPN Graduate Student, Montreal Neurological Institute
  • Arjun Krishnaswamy, Graduate Student, Physiology
  • Emma Jones, Postdoctoral Fellow, Centre for Research in Neuroscience

Closing Talk: "Inherited Neurological Degenerations - Why do the neurons die? The view from the photoreceptor."

  • Professor Roderick McInnes, Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto and Lady Davis Institute.


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