Feeding McGill project wins prize


Project awarded Silver by the Institute of public administration of Canada and Deloitte.
This came about when people at Macdonald campus started asking themselves how the research farm could be used for more than just teaching. In the process of looking for answers to this question, McGill students have gained experience in working in commercial-scale agricultural production, as well as in sales and marketing. Feeding McGill was funded by the Sustainability Projects Fund, a fund which has generated over 90 new projects geared towards creating a sustainable future. Some of these focus on promoting sustainable agriculture research and range from rain-water collecting experiments to research into how to extend the growing season, to a large-scale leaf-composting program designed to reduce the need for fertilizer on farm fields.

The efforts that have gone into creating and sustaining the Feeding McGill project were recognized on Thursday, February 21 by being awarded a silver medal for leadership in education given by the Institute of Public Administration of Canada (IPAC) and Deloitte at the 2012 IPAC Deloitte Public Sector Leadership Awards Gala in Toronto.

The IPAC/Deloitte Public Sector Leadership Awards program recognizesorganizations that have demonstrated outstanding leadership by taking bold steps to improve Canada, through advancements in public policy and management. The award winners reflect the importance of innovation, strategic thinking, trust and team building, shared vision, and effective collaboration and partnerships.

For more information about the Institute of Public Administration of Canada: ipac.ca

For more information about Deloitte: deloitte.com

To watch a video about Feeding McGill: http://youtu.be/6FYa1L_MmnM

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