Experts: Molson plans new Montreal-area brewery


Published: 5Jul2017

“Molson-Coors is planning to build a brewery in the Montreal area instead of renovating its existing brewery on Notre-Dame St. E. (…) While the fate of the existing brewery hasn’t been decided, Lefebvre says the company won’t abandon the site.” (Montreal Gazette)

Avi Friedman, School of Architecture, McGill University
He can talk about general issues associated with conversation of large industrial buildings. Dr. Friedman’s research interests focus on factors which influence the design and implementation of affordable and sustainable building practices at the unit and community levels, including market acceptance, construction, and resource efficiency.
514-484-0236, avi.friedman [at] (English, French)

David Wachsmuth, School of Urban Planning, McGill University
He’s interested in urban and regional governance, urban political economy, local economic development, smart cities, urban entrepreneurialism and territorial competitiveness, and the politics of public space.
514-947-5172, david.wachsmuth [at] (English)