Expert: WhatsApp security flaw


Published: 14May2019

"WhatsApp has revealed a vulnerability in its system that could have allowed hackers access to its users' phones, with a London-based human rights lawyer possibly among the targets.
The encrypted messaging service, owned by Facebook (FB), said Monday that it had discovered and fixed the vulnerability the attackers had sought to exploit. The hackers could implant malicious code on a victim's phone by placing a voice call to the victim on WhatsApp." (CNN)

Ignacio Cofone, Faculty of Law, McGill University

"The news illustrates how privacy breaches that consumers do not know about can be disparately harmful to certain groups. To fix it, we not only need regulation but also the ability to take companies to court."—Ignacio Cofone

Ignacio Cofone is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Law, where he teaches Privacy Law, Business Associations, and Artificial Intelligence Law. His work addresses how the law should adapt to technology, with a focus on privacy and algorithmic decision-making.

ignacio.cofone [at] (English, Spanish)

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