Expert: New rules lay out rights of Canadian airline passengers

Published: 16 July 2019

The federal government has unveiled new protections for airline passengers, rules designed to make sure both airlines and the people who fly on them are up to date on what they are entitled to when things go wrong. (Source: CBC)

John Gradek, Lecturer, School of Continuing Studies, McGill University

“Canadian consumer rights are finally catching up to international standards with the coming into force of flight disruption and bumping regulations recently enacted by the Canadian Transportation Agency. But Canadian airlines are not happy.”

John Gradek has held senior roles at Air Canada in operations, marketing and planning. He has worked in the development and the delivery of commercial airline management programs for the International Aviation Management Training Institute as well as for the IATA Aviation MBA program at Concordia University.

Contact information:
John.gradek [at]
(514) 398-6631 (English, French)

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