Expert: “Intelligence report claims Russia has compromising information on Trump”


Published: 11Jan2017

"The chiefs of America’s intelligence agencies last week presented President Obama and President-elect Donald J. Trump with a summary of unsubstantiated reports that Russia had collected compromising and salacious personal information about Mr. Trump, two officials with knowledge of the briefing said.” (New York Times)

“A non-story sitting at the intersection of 3 real stories:
1) History of degrading sexual conduct toward women;
2) Sycophancy toward Putin;
3) Hacks.”


—Jacob T. Levy (Twitter)

Jacob T. Levy, Tomlison Professor of Political Theory, McGill University

Jacob Levy is one of the world’s leading libertarian political theorists. He's most interested in the US constitution, civil liberties, federalism, identity and ethnic politics, immigration, the separation of powers, populism and nationalism, religious freedom, freedom of association, threats to liberal democracy, and truth in politics.

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