Expert: Health concerns related to the use of e-cigarettes (“vaping”)


Published: 21Nov2019

Although electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) were initially marketed as a potential smoking-cessation aid and a safer alternative to smoking, the long-term health effect of e-cigarette use (“vaping”) is unknown. Vaping e-liquids expose the user to several potentially harmful chemicals, including diacetyl, a flavouring compound known to cause bronchiolitis obliterans with inhalational exposure. (CMAJ)

Here is a list of experts from McGill University who can provide comment on this issue:

Christopher Labos, Associate Member, McGill Office for Science and Society

The tendency to use e-cigarettes indefinitely is why this recent cluster of vaping-related lung disease is such a concern. Why this sudden uptick of cases has come about is not entirely clear. Case reports of severe respiratory failure from vaping are not new. Some date as far back as 2015. Thus, it’s possible that cases were going undiagnosed or unappreciated until the current episode made everyone take notice.”

Christopher Labos is a physician with a certification in cardiology. After his clinical training at McGill University, he pursued a master’s degree in epidemiology. He is also an associate with the McGill Office for Science and Society.

christopher.labos [at] (English)

Joseph Erban, Lecturer and Smoking Cessation Counsellor, Division of Cancer Prevention, Department of Oncology

We, at the Jewish General Hospital Cancer Prevention Centre, are concerned by the rise of adolescents and young adults initiating vaping. The reasons are numerous; they include becoming new nicotine addicts, increased risk of initiating smoking cigarettes, and experimenting with other products which can be vaped.”

Joseph Erban is a lecturer and a smoking cessation counsellor at the Stroll Cancer Prevention Centre. He is one of the three speakers at the upcoming Cancer Prevention Public Annual Lecture, “Are E-Cigarettes a New Addiction?” on November 27, 2019.

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