Expert: flossing


Published: 10Aug2016

"The world woke to the smell of burning floss last week, as thunderous applause met news reports that there was, after all, no evidence for dentists recommending flossing. A lot of people, it seems, hate to floss.Some would rather clean a toiletBut don’t throw out all those spools of waxed dental tape just yet." (Quartz)

Omid Kiarash, Faculty of Dentistry, McGill University

"Just like we don’t have high quality evidence that jumping out of an airplane without a parachute is highly likely to be fatal. The bottom line is that a lack of high quality evidence, is simply a lack of high quality evidence and nothing more. It does not negate the effectiveness of flossing."-Omid Kiarash

Dr. Omid Kiarash is a Periodontist and an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Dentistry. He is Division Director of Periodontics. Dr. Kiarash is also involved in the teaching of the undergraduate Implantology program. He is the director of multiple courses as well as the Periodontal Clerkship Program. Dr. Kiarash also serves on the Promotions, Undergraduate Curriculum, Purchasing as well as the Clinical Education Committees in the Faculty of Dentistry.

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