Expert: America may soon face its biggest labor strike in decades


Published: 7Jun2018

The Teamsters and UPS could be heading toward the nation's largest strike in decades. Source CNN

Barry Eidlin, Professor of Sociology, McGill University

“This strike would be significant both for its sheer size and its possible impact. It would be the largest single strike the US has seen in decades, involving 260,000 workers in nearly every community across the country. Importantly, these workers are at the heart of the global economy, responsible for transporting an estimated six percent of US GDP. This gives the workers tremendous potential leverage in their fight against the company. However, it appears that the Teamsters leadership has been more focused on proposing concessions at the bargaining table instead of preparing for a strike. The fact that more than 90 percent of UPS Teamsters have voted to strike despite that is a testament to the current level of rank and file anger—and organization. What remains to be seen is whether the company or the union leadership will listen.”


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