Effective Parenting: New Trends and Approaches


Published: 7Nov2016

This series of public lectures focuses on topics of concern for parents/guardians/grandparents in our fast-paced world and digital age. On November 7, Dr. Adam Dubé, will be giving a talk titled: "The myths and merits of children's iPad use from the cradle to the classroom”. 

Adam Dubé, Assistant Professor, Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology

The talk provides parents with the latest research on the role of iPads in children’s development so that they can make informed decisions on how to incorporate iPads into their children’s lives. The discussion will cover how and why tablet time should be regulated, are iPads affecting children’s developing brains, and how to tell the good from the bad when selecting iPads apps for kids. - Adam Dubé

Adam Dubé studies how deep conceptual understanding is acquired and applied. To this end, he investigates how educational technology augments the learning process. Does the tactile nature of tablet computers constitute a ‘hands-on’ interaction and is it a formative factor in tablet computer learning? Is 3D printing a viable method for learning about the construction of everyday objects? Are games able to simultaneously entertain and educate? If so, how does learning within a game occur and does it change how the content is understood? His work also investigates conceptually-based problem solving in the area of simple mathematics. Not only a core knowledge area and interesting in its own right, mathematics provides a broad but organized system for modelling conceptually-based problem solving.

adam.dube [at] mcgill.ca (English)

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