Effective parenting: how to help your child overcome anxiety (Nov. 14)


Published: 11Nov2016

How parents can help their children overcome anxiety? Professor Tina Montreuil is the next speaker in the Effective Parenting: New Trends And Approach series. She will discuss strategies for parents to help their child overecome their anxiety. 

Tina Montreuil, Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology, McGill University

“Untreated childhood anxiety is of great concern since it is not only a predictor of more severe mental health issues in adulthood, but it also interferes with the social-emotional development and social functioning in children. Studies reveal that the reactions of anxious parents to their child emotions affects the child’s ability to regulate their own emotions.”—Tina Montreuil​

She’s the Director of Childhood Anxiety and Regulation of Emotions Laboratory (C.A.R.E.) Research Group at McGill.

Tina.montreuil [at] mcgill.ca (English, French)

When: November 14, 2016 at 6:30 PM

Where: Jack Cram Auditorium, 3700 rue McTavish, Montreal, QC

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