Economics lessons will pay life-long dividends to understand how any marketplace works | The Globe and Mail

Published: 19 September 2023

September 14, 2023 | In an opinion piece by David Parkinson he talks about the influx of students that are going to have their first serious exposure to economics in a university setting. He has interviewed Chris Ragan to discuss the value of learning more about economics. A key point from the conversation was that there is a fundamental misunderstanding surrounding economics where it's perceived to be all about money. Whereas it's more about scarcity and the decisions made to allocate limited resources. 

“They will have come across concepts. But what they will not have is any sort of organized way to slot this information together. … A key part of what economics are doing is providing a framework to organize your thinking.” said Chris Ragan, referring to the first year students taking an introductory microeconomics course. 

The piece then provides more information from the interview with Chris Ragan and Michael Perkins.

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