Construction Start: McIntyre Medical - Renovation room 334

Published: 22 January 2024

McGill University has mandated Procova Inc to carry out the following project: McIntyre Medical / 23-002 - Renovation of room 334 (third floor).

The project consists of the renovation of room 334 and the installation of 261 exam desks. It includes the installation of lockers on the second and third floors.

Project manager: Wendy Rivera - wendy.rivera [at]

Assistant project manager: Diana Kazarashvili - diana.kazarashvili [at] 

Construction start date: January 22, 2024

Planned construction end date: Fall 2024

Work schedule: Mondays to Fridays, 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. Any additional hours will be coordinated.

Scope of work: The scope of work consists of refitting exam room 334 on the third floor of McIntyre to increase the room's capacity to 261 students plus 11 exam invigilators and creating a new exit access corridor. Architectural, mechanical, and electrical work is included. The project also includes the installation of 261 lockers for students that will be spread out on the second and third floors.


The emergency exit on the west side of room 334 is not accessible to users. Users that find themselves in the west part of the floor looking for an emergency exit should pass through the women’s bathrooms leading to the exit stairs located in front of the elevators (see map below). Signage will be posted on site to advise of the new route.

Map indicating new route to emergency exit through the women's bathrooms leading to the exit stairs located in front of the elevators

Rooms 333, 335 and 336 are inaccessible to users during the work.

Service shutdowns will be required. Occupants of the building will be informed.

During construction, access to certain spaces outside the construction zone will be required for the installation or modification of electromechanical services. Such construction work will be coordinated in advance with the building director and the building occupants.

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