China stocks plunging


Published: 27Jul2015

Update, July 27, 2015
“China stocks suffered their sharpest daily percentage decline since 2007, as worries mount that authorities are pulling back on measures to prop up the market.” (Source: The Wall Street Journal)

Orignal post, July 8, 2015
China stocks plunged again on Wednesday, even as regulators worked to contain a crisis that has wiped trillions of dollars off the country's stock markets. China's regulators are taking fresh steps to try to quell volatility in the country's financial markets. (Source: BBC)

“My overall take on what has been happening in the Chinese stock markets recently, is that this is learning curve issue.  As China modernizes, essentially becoming Capitalist on many levels including financially, industrially, politically and socially there are some obstacles and speed bumps along the way.  The recent behaviour of the Chinese markets, principally the Shanghai Exchange, is indicative of a population (in this case, Chinese) learning how to buy and sell stocks.  As well there are some interesting Chinese cultural aspects that are at play here, principally that they are perhaps more prone to gambling and risk taking than the average investor worldwide.”
- Ken Lester

Expert: Ken Lester, Adjunct Professor in Finance at the McGill Desautels Faculty of Management
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Expert: Thomas Velk
Expertise: Tom Velk is an expert on money and banking, and public policy. He is a Associate Professor of economics and director of the North American Studies program at McGill University.
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