135 years of theses available online


Published: 21Oct2016

135 years of McGill graduate scholarship is now available online. In 2012, McGill Library went to the stacks of Rare Books and Special Collections and began digitizing print only theses and dissertations. The project took four years to complete and to date almost 7,000 theses have been digitized representing almost a million pages.

This Monday, McGill Library will be officially launching a website featuring highlights from our theses and dissertation collection. Check out www.mcgill.ca/library-theses to read work by notable McGill graduates including:

  • Harriet Brooks, M.A. 1901:  Harriet Brooks was the first woman to graduate from a Canadian university with a graduate degree in electromagnetism. She was among the first persons to discover radon and to try to determine its atomic mass and she also worked under the supervision of Marie Curie for a brief period of time.
  • John Humphrey, Ph.D. 1945, L.L.D. 1976:  Humphrey wrote the first draft of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • Irving Layton, B.Sc. 1938, M.A. 1946: Layton was a celebrated Canadian poet. Among his many awards during his career was the Governor-General’s Award for A Red Carpet for the Sun in 1959.
  • Thomas Chang, B.Sc. 1957, M.D.C.M 1961, Ph.D. 1965: Dr. Chang is a Canadian physician, medical scientist, and inventor. He invented the world’s first artificial cell
  • Brenda Milner, Ph.D. 1952: Dr. Milner is a Canadian neuropsychologist who has contributed extensively to the research literature on various topics in the field of clinical neuropsychology. She is sometimes referred to as “the founder of neuropsychology”.

Sarah Severson, Coordinator of Digital Library Services, McGill University Library

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