Neuro Staff Appreciation Day 2021


The Neuro Clinical & Research Executive Teams cordially invite Neuro faculty, nurses, staff and trainees to Neuro Staff Appreciation Day. Rain or shine! Entrance from the stadium gates closest...

Brain connectivity can build better AI

Published: 9Aug2021

Artificial neural networks modeled on real brains can perform cognitive tasks...

Tony Proudfoot’s legacy lives on

Published: 28Jun2021

Maria Gobbo is the latest recipient of the ALS fellowship named in his honour...

YCharOS forms key industry advisory committee and releases first open data

Published: 22Jun2021

Leading antibody reagent and knockout cell line manufacturers team up to address life science reproducibility crisis...

Study shows how our brains sync hearing with vision

Published: 11May2021

To make sense of complex environments, brain waves constantly adapt, compensating for drastically different sound and vision processing speeds...

More than $1.8M to support open EEG data

Published: 1Apr2021

Brain Canada grant will aid research into neurodevelopmental, psychiatric, and neurodegenerative disorders...

Second National Training Course on Sleep Medicine (Virtual Event)


This two-day training course is designed to provide a basic working knowledge of sleep medicine. It is designed for neurology Residents and Fellows from across Canada as well as at practicing...

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