Two McGill professors awarded prestigious Killam Research Fellowships

Published: 26 May 2020

The Canada Council for the Arts recently announced the recipients of the prestigious 2020 Killam Research Fellowship, including two from McGill. Professors Myriam Denov and Nathalie Tufenkji were...

Artificial turf crumb rubber leaches environmental toxins

Published: 25 November 2019

New research spearheaded by scientists at McGill University reports that exposing chicken embryos, a model of higher vertebrate development, to leachate from crumb rubber used for example in...

Some plastic with your tea?

Published: 25 September 2019

A cup of tea may be a cure for rainy days, but the soothing cup of the brewed beverage may also come with a dose of micro- and nano-sized plastics shed from plastic bags, according to researchers...

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