McGill University Health Centre (RI-MUHC)

Reducing fatigue and errors among nurses working night shifts

Published: 19 April 2023

Nurses exposed to 40 minutes of bright light before their night shifts feel less fatigued and make fewer errors at work, according to a study led by McGill University. The nurses also slept better...

How immune cells generated neonatally protect our lungs throughout our lifetime

Published: 2 February 2023

Every day, humans breathe in 11,000 litres of air. But this essential act also means we inhale microorganisms, particles, and pollutants. A new study from the Research Institute of the McGill...

International consortium investigates overactive immune cells as cause of COVID-19 deaths

Published: 17 April 2020

In the urgent battle to treat COVID-19 patients, a group of eleven international medical research organizations is investigating whether overactive immune cells that produce Neutrophil...

Children in Quebec are not diagnosed early enough with type 1 diabetes

Published: 14 May 2019

Elwyn was a healthy 13 month-old toddler when she started drinking water from the bathtub. Over time, she became increasingly thirsty and demanded more and more breast milk. For her parents, this...

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