Alterations to seabed raise fears for future

Published: 29 October 2018

The ocean floor as we know it is dissolving rapidly as a result of human activity.

McGill receives $5-million gift from noted Canadian geologist Bob Wares

Published: 26 September 2018

As an entrepreneurial geologist, Bob Wares, (BSc’79, DSc’12), became a mining rock star when he discovered one of Canada’s largest gold deposits in the Abitibi region of Quebec. Now, he is bringing...

McGill Professor helped coin the term 'Bomb Cyclone'

Published: 4 January 2018

McGill University meteorology professor John Gyakum, along with the revered late Massachusetts Institute of Technology meteorologist Fred Sanders, first coined the term in a paper they published in...

Keeping our balance - a tale of two systems

Published: 11 November 2016

The transition from being sea creatures to living on land, even if it happened over 300 million years ago, seems to have left its traces on the way we keep our balance today....

Invasive Species in the Great Lakes by 2063

Published: 29 January 2015

The Great Lakes have been invaded by more non-native species than any other freshwater ecosystem in the world. In spite of increasing efforts to stem the tide of invasion threats, the lakes remain...


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