Expert: Canada bans TikTok on all government devices

Published: 1 March 2023

Ottawa announced it is banning TikTok from all government-issued mobile devices in response to privacy and security concerns. The federal government said it will also block the Chinese-owned social...

Expert: WhatsApp security flaw

Published: 14 May 2019

"WhatsApp has revealed a vulnerability in its system that could have allowed hackers access to its users' phones, with a London-based human rights lawyer possibly among the targets....

DDoS Attack: what does it tell us?

Published: 21 October 2016

“Some major internet companies suffered service disruptions for several hours on Friday morning as internet infrastructure provider Dyn said it was hit by a cyber attack that disrupted traffic...

Expert: Apple vows to resist FBI demand to crack iPhone

Published: 17 February 2016

"Tech giant Apple and the FBI appeared headed for a deepening confrontation Wednesday after the company’s chief pledged to fight federal demands to help mine data from an iPhone used by one of the...

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