A new understanding of reptile colouration

Published: 3 February 2023

Snakes and mice don’t look alike. But much of what we know about skin colouration and patterning in vertebrates generally, including in snakes, is based on lab mice. However, there are limits to...

COMMENTARY: ‘CRISPR babies’: What does this mean for science and Canada?

Published: 28 January 2019

In the wake of the announcement in China last November of the first ‘CRISPR babies’, Prof. Bartha Knoppers and researcher Erika Kleiderman from McGill’s Centre of Genomics and Policy (CGP) have...

BLOOMBERG | Scientists Don't Fear a New Crispr Snag

Published: 23 January 2018

I talked this over with McGill University medical ethicist Jonathan Kimmelman, who specializes in the risks of medical experiments and has written a book about them centered on the Jesse Gelsinger...

HIV target shows surprising resistance

Published: 8 April 2016

By Tod Hoffman, Lady Davis Institute  Research reveals that even a tiny mutation can allow the HIV virus to become resistant to therapies using the CRISPR/Cas9 gene-editing platform

Guidelines for human genome editing

Published: 21 January 2016

By Vincent C. Allaire Newsroom Human genome editing for both research and therapy is progressing, raising ethical questions among scientists around the world.

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