Expert: Montreal residents decry Airbnb rentals

Published: 11 February 2020

The sound of people vomiting at 3 a.m., neighbours who open their windows to scream “I love you, Montreal!” at all hours of the night and a frat house atmosphere taking over the building. This is...

Airbnb is removing rental housing in Canadian cities and rural areas

Published: 20 June 2019

The American online marketplace Airbnb has likely removed approximately 31,100 units from Canada’s long-term rental markets. This could make it difficult for Canadian cities and provinces to...

The high cost of short-term rentals in New York City

Published: 30 January 2018

A new report from McGill Urban Planning professor David Wachsmuth and his team provides an analysis of Airbnb activity in New York City and the surrounding region in the last three years (September...

NYT | Report slams Airbnb in NYC for raising cost of housing

Published: 30 January 2018

A report from critics of Airbnb says the vacation rental website is driving up rental prices and reducing housing availability in New York City. The analysis published Monday comes from a...

Large commercial operators a growing concern in the Airbnb market, study says

Published: 8 August 2017

And contrary to the Airbnb narrative that the online booking service is about regular people sharing their homes to help pay the mortgage, there has been disproportionately large growth of full...

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