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Obama has long work list to tackle when he returns

It's hardly a secret that Barack Obama, like every president no doubt, muses about his ultimate legacy and spot in the presidential pantheon. He approaches his second term confronting tough and shifting challenges that will play big roles in shaping the rest of his presidency and his eventual place in history… "Americans are yearning for leadership," said Gil Troy, a presidential scholar at McGill University.

Published: 10Jan2013

Victorian zoological map redrawn

With a new planet-wide analysis of vertebrate life, an international team has used 21st century science to update an iconic 1876 map of Earth’s zoological regions. By incorporating data on 21,037 species of mammals, birds and amphibians, Jean-Philippe Lessard, now at McGill University in Montreal, and his colleagues have revised a zoological map created by Alfred Russel Wallace, an oft-overlooked cofounder of the theory of evolution. Wallace’s map divided Earth’s landmasses into six major regions, each with its own distinctive blend of vertebrates.

Published: 10Jan2013

McGill professor up for three Grammy Awards

The Schulich School of Music has talented graduates and talented professors. Richard King is up for his 10, 11 and 12th Grammy Award. Christine Long reports.

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Published: 10Jan2013

Neuroscience explains why wall street needs more women

(Desautels' Karl Moore): "Hormones can affect traders’ views.  Cambridge’s John Coates believes that the financial crisis was created, to some degree, by people’s body chemistry.  Would having more women on  Wall Street and in the City help?  Let’s listen to John…"

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Published: 10Jan2013

Our time to lead/ the DNA dilemma

n search of genomic incentives Medical innovation involves a peculiar mix of seemingly contradictory motivations. We need to strike the right balance, says Jonathan Kimmelman.

Published: 10Jan2013

Warning issued over attention-deficit drugs

Doctors should think twice about prescribing drugs like Ritalin and Adderall used to treat attention deficit disorder to healthy individuals seeking to boost their brain power, says an article in this weeks edition of the Canadian Medical Association Journal. The authors say prescription stimulants are used by some people for cognitive enhancement in the absence of any medical need.

Published: 10Jan2013