Opinion: Why Davos matters for millennials

Published: 19Jan2017

Globalization, new technologies and a bewildering pace of change have exponentially increased the complexity of our world. We currently have intractable problems, such as climate change, income...

Inauguration fails to bridge division among Americans

Published: 18Jan2017

“In the last half century the American presidential transition has been a timeout, a moment for the combativeness and divisiveness of campaigns to be buried,” said McGill University history...

Bell Let’s Talk support for the Neuro will enhance mental health access for multicultural communities

Published: 18Jan2017

Bell Let’s Talk today announced a donation of $250,000 to McGill University’s Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital – known as The Neuro – to fund the development of online mental health...

Bell Let’s Talk supports mental health with The Neuro

Published: 18Jan2017

Project will enhance mental health access for multicultural communities...

A boost for artificial-intelligence research in Montreal

Published: 18Jan2017

To help spur artificial-intelligence research in Montreal, Microsoft will provide a gift of $1 million to McGill University.

PTSD: Beyond trauma

Published: 17Jan2017

Dr. Alain Brunet, from Montreal’s McGill University, has a much cheaper, faster treatment to propose. For over a decade, he’s used propranolol, a beta-blocking drug, to decrease patients’ emotional...

Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

Published: 16Jan2017

Many advances in treatment have been made, but a cure is still desperately needed and that’s the focus this month — Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. Dr. Serge Gauthier, a world-renowned researcher and...

McGill performance taps the music of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Published: 16Jan2017

Martin Luther King, Jr. may be best known for his message, but it's his music that helped make a disciple of McGill University professor and Grammy-nominated musician John Hollenbeck. Hollenbeck,...

Making Canada's economy great again won’t be easy under Trump

Published: 13Jan2017

“You can’t plug Donald Trump into your forecasts, but you can plug in a bunch of things as risks,” said Chris Ragan, associate economics professor at McGill University in Montreal and former...

Report spurs call to study marijuana’s potential in opioid-crisis fight

Published: 13Jan2017

Mark Ware, a McGill pain researcher and vice-chair of Canada’s recent federal panel on marijuana legalization, said one of the biggest takeaways from the new report, which he reviewed before...