Serving Your Patient Better! New ESL Self-Assessment Software for Québec Nurses

Published: 4May2018

Tailored for Québec nurses, this learning software aims at making professionals aware about linguistic correctness and good use of communication in health context, as well as encouraging their...

International Young Scientist Mentorship Program – Synapse Connect


International Young Scientists Mentorship Program (IYSMP) is launching a free networking event for CÉGEP students coined Synapse Connect, which will take place on Friday, May 4th from 6-8PM at...

Early HIV treatment key to avoiding brain atrophy

Published: 3May2018

New study underlines importance of early screening and antiretroviral therapy...

NEOMED Institute partners with McGill University to identify small molecule inhibitors of a novel oncology target: Cut-Like Homeobox 1 (CUX1)

Published: 3May2018

The NEOMED Institute announced today that it has entered into a development collaboration with McGill University. Kemal Payza, Senior Project Director at NEOMED Institute will collaborate with...

Garvin Brown & Steffanie Diamond Brown boost public policy at McGill, endowing Chair in Democratic Studies

Published: 3May2018

A $5-million gift from McGillians G. Garvin Brown IV, BA’91, and his wife Steffanie Diamond Brown, will make a major contribution to research and teaching at McGill’s Max Bell School of Public...

Nurses’ care of young mothers leaves traces in babies’ DNA

Published: 1May2018

Researchers have known for a couple of decades that early life adversity can affect the way that particular genes function through a process called epigenetics - a bit like a dimmer switch on a...

THE GAZETTE | Montreal company pioneers carbon-negative concrete

Published: 29Apr2018

A Montreal startup founded by McGill grads has developed a carbon-negative method for making concrete that doesn't use cement, one of the world's largest sources of carbon emissions. Read more