How to short-circuit the urge to splurge this holiday season

Published: 6Dec2017

Ashesh Mukherjee is trying something new this holiday season. At a time of year when excessive shopping has become the norm, he plans to volunteer with a charitable organization that works with...

We might absorb billions of viruses every day

Published: 5Dec2017

In the experiment, just 0.1 percent of the total phages made it through. But based on their rate of travel, and the staggering number of them in the average human gut, the team estimated that our...

Lotteries Join Campaign Urging Adults to Give Responsibly this Holiday Season

Published: 5Dec2017

For the past ten years, the International Centre for Youth Gambling Problems and High-Risk Behaviors at McGill University and the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) in Washington, D.C....

Reading like a Bureaucrat

Published: 4Dec2017

Excerpt from Merve Emre's new book, Paraliterary: The Making of Bad Readers in Postwar America. She is an assistant professor of English at McGill University.

Birds, humans share communication link

Published: 4Dec2017

John Sakata discusses his research on CTV News. 

Montreal Police needs to do more to curb racial profiling

Published: 4Dec2017

Dr. Myrna Lashley, assistant professor in psychiatry at McGill University discusses the report she authored and what efforts are being made to help fix the issues....

What to look for in future Canada, China trade talks

Published: 4Dec2017

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau landed in Beijing on Sunday, with expanding trade with China at the top of his agenda. As the United States under President Trump becomes increasingly protectionist,...

New Investment in Public Psychotherapy in Quebec

Published: 4Dec2017

“Quebec’s mental health is getting a boost as Health Minister Gaetan Barrette announced a $35 million public program to provide psychotherapy to those who need it.” (CTV News)...

The MNI forms promising Open Science partnership with Takeda

Published: 4Dec2017

Industry and academia team up for the benefit of people suffering from ALS...

Champlain Bridge: 'Hoping for no winter and no wind' with one year to go

Published: 1Dec2017

However, Richard Shearmur, a geography professor with McGill University School of Urban Planning, has doubts about the project and fears taxpayers will be left with a hefty bill for extras. “I don...