HARPERS | Rachel Cusk’s unforgiving eye

Published: 23May2018

McGill English prof Merve Emre, in the June issue of Harpers, on “Rachel Cusk’s unforgiving eye”  Read more

THE GUARDIAN | Separating sick Inuit kids from their parents is medical colonialism all over again

Published: 23May2018

Opinion | In Quebec, air ambulances continue the incomprehensible practice of separating children and parents – despite no written policy demanding it....

As harmful as dehydration?

Published: 22May2018

We are all familiar with the drawbacks of dehydration, but we rarely hear about the harmful effects of overhydration. It is known that excess fluid accumulation can lead to dangerously low sodium...

CENTECH’s Propulsion Program will help Innodem Neurosciences succeed globally

Published: 16May2018

CENTECH, a Montreal-based technology incubator, announced earlier that it has selected a company founded by Dr. Etienne de Villers-Sidani for its Propulsion Program, which helps the most innovative...

New approach to global-warming projections could make regional estimates more precise

Published: 15May2018

A new method for projecting how the temperature will respond to human impacts supports the outlook for substantial global warming throughout this century – but also indicates that, in many regions,...

Climate change = a much greater diversity of species + a need to rethink conservation paradigms

Published: 15May2018

A team of researchers believe that Quebec’s protected areas are poised to become biodiversity refuges of continental importance. They used ecological niche modeling to calculate potential changes...

Expert: May 17 – International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia

Published: 14May2018

The International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia is observed on May 17 every year and aims to coordinate international events that raise awareness of LGBT rights violations and...

Expert: New volcanic lava fissure in Hawaii prompts more evacuations

Published: 14May2018

A new volcanic fissure on Hawaii's Big Island sent gases and lava exploding into the air, prompting officials to issue calls for more evacuations as residents awaited a possible major eruption at...