McIntosh: A year later, the Trudeau government still drags its feet on welfare of First Nations children

Published: 30Jan2017

A year ago this week, the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal released the landmark Caring Society decision, which found that the federal government had discriminated against First Nations children by...

Why the bar needs to be raised for human clinical trials

Published: 30Jan2017

Standards for authorizing first-time trials of drugs in humans are lax, and should be strengthened in several ways, McGill University researchers argue in a paper published today in Nature.

Opinion: Equipping children with the digital literacy skills they need

Published: 27Jan2017

Literacy goes beyond the ability to read the words on this page. Every day, we use reading and writing skills to get information, express ourselves, solve problems and stay connected with the world...

Potter: It's inconvenient, truth. But abandoning it is worse

Published: 27Jan2017

So if I, say, declare that “the sky is blue,” and you respond “the sky is a ham sandwich,” the real problem is not that I am speaking truth and you are uttering alt-facts (or, more simply, lying)....

Are birds cut out for city living?

Published: 26Jan2017

After marveling at the ability of Barbados bullfinches to snatch food from humans’ plates, Jean-Nicolas Audet, a doctoral candidate at Canada’s McGill University, was inspired to study them. Audet...

CFL and NFL players raising funds for concussion research

Published: 25Jan2017

Laurent Duvernay-Tardif of the NFL's Kansas City Chiefs (and a fourth year medical student at McGill University) says professional sports now employ spotters to watch for players with concussion...

Four myths about Ontario’s cap-and-trade system

Published: 24Jan2017

Ontario’s cap-and-trade system is now in force and is the focus of much debate. Amidst all of the discussion, there is plenty of rhetoric, hyperbole, and questionable statements. Some of these have...

Experts: Donald Trump's Administration

Published: 23Jan2017

These McGill University experts are available to comment on decisions made by Donald Trump and his team: