Report spurs call to study marijuana’s potential in opioid-crisis fight

Published: 13Jan2017

Mark Ware, a McGill pain researcher and vice-chair of Canada’s recent federal panel on marijuana legalization, said one of the biggest takeaways from the new report, which he reviewed before...

Designing life: The brave new world of gene editing

Published: 11Jan2017

A distinguished panel of experts gathered at Montreal's McGill University this past spring to discuss this development in gene editing....

Kushner crowned as Washington’s most powerful political millennial

Published: 11Jan2017

“It will be interesting to see where they get accepted and where they get rejected,” said Gil Troy, an American presidential historian and professor at McGill University. “They’re the ones more...

Separated Fathers: Breaking the Isolation

Published: 11Jan2017

Around 40% of heterosexual marriage in Canada ends in divorce, and 70% of breakups are initiated by the woman. Robert Whitley, professor in social psychiatry at McGill University, directed a short...

Expert: “Intelligence report claims Russia has compromising information on Trump”

Published: 11Jan2017

"The chiefs of America’s intelligence agencies last week presented President Obama and President-elect Donald J. Trump with a summary of unsubstantiated reports that Russia had collected...

A surprise advance in the treatment of adult cancers

Published: 11Jan2017

A team of researchers at the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre (RI-MUHC) has found an epigenetic modification that might be the cause of 15% of adult cancers of the throat...

HEADS UP On The Concussion Issue to raise awareness of head injury

Published: 11Jan2017

An all-star lineup of experts in the fields of sports and neurology will share a stage on Jan. 27 to discuss concussions, a serious injury that has only recently been getting the attention it...

Hospital puts its seniors' art on display

Published: 10Jan2017

"Painting is a vector to humanize care, for the person to be aware of abilities he has, and to help with rehabilitation." Dr. Olivier Beauchet, director of McGill's Centre of Excellence on Aging...

How much does it hurt?: The methods used by doctors to measure pain

Published: 10Jan2017

When investigating pain, the basic procedure for clinics everywhere is to give a patient the McGill Pain Questionnaire. This was developed in the 1970s by two scientists, Dr Ronald Melzack and Dr...

The Right Chemistry: The intoxicating science of winemaking

Published: 9Jan2017

Column by Joe Schwarcz, director of McGill University’s Office for Science & Society. Read more: Montreal Gazette