Public Lecture - Neurocognition of Human Decision Making: from Perception to Valuation


Decision neuroscience addresses how the brain makes decisions, ranging from perception: “What is that thing?” or “Who is that person?" to value-based: “Do I want to buy that thing?” or “Should I...

LA PRESSE | S’attaquer aux préjugés à l'université - femmes en finances

Published: 5Apr2018

Doyenne de la faculté de gestion Desautels de l'Université McGill, Isabelle Bajeux-Besnainou se dit perturbée par la sous-représentation des femmes en finance. Après trois décennies à observer la...

GLOBAL NEWS | Video game addiction a disease? Who says, yes

Published: 5Apr2018

Prof. Jeffrey Derevensky, director of the International Centre for Youth Gambling at McGill University, consulted with the WHO in preparing the upcoming ICD-11 release and says video game addiction...

GAZETTE | Montrealers remember King's mission; U.S. civil rights hero's legacy held up as increasingly poignant

Published: 5Apr2018

"In this critical moment, of ... racial profiling, of brutality that has made a Black Lives Matter movement (in the United States) urgently necessary, a moment in which white supremacist groups are...

WAMC | University travelers discuss asian business perspectives on tariffs

Published: 5Apr2018

As the war of words over tariffs between the U.S. and  China escalates, a group of students, alumni and faculty from McGill University have returned from Asia.  While the tariff controversy would...

GLOBE AND MAIL | Why expatriates should be able to vote

Published: 3Apr2018

(Frédéric Mégret, Associate professor of law at McGill)...

CBC | McGill prof says he's found a better, faster way to flood-proof your home

Published: 3Apr2018

Dr. Amar Sabih says all you need is synthetic plastic tarp and metal barriers commonly seen at outdoor events CBC, CTV

SCOTSMAN | Hospital built by Scots philanthropists set for transformation

Published: 3Apr2018

A Canadian hospital built by a pair of immigrant Scottish philanthropists to celebrate Queen Victoria’s fiftieth year on the throne is set to be transformed into an academic centre for climate...

GUARDIAN | Scientists solve eggshell mystery of how chicks hatch

Published: 3Apr2018

It’s been a tough one to crack, but scientists say they have zoomed in, to an unprecedented degree, on the structure of shells surrounding chicken embryos, revealing how they change to allow young...