BLOOMBERG | As Cannabis D-Day Approaches, Winners and Losers Set to Emerge

Published: 15Oct2018

Medical research: Examining the therapeutic impact of cannabidiol on chronic pain, anxiety and depression in collaboration with Montreal’s McGill University; working with the Canadian Football...

Open Access Week: Designing Equitable Foundations for Open Knowledge


Open access is the practice of making your research available online free of charge./neuroCategory: Research news Media@McGill MNI Research

Expanded financial support for new and returning Indigenous students at McGill

Published: 15Oct2018

McGill University’s Indigenous students can now rely on dedicated financial support thanks to a new partnership with Indspire, an Indigenous national charity that invests in the education of...

Brain cancer fundraiser leads to important discovery

Published: 15Oct2018

Brain cancer begins in stem cells, targeting them may prevent tumour growth...

Young Canadians face heightened crash risk after consuming cannabis, new study finds

Published: 15Oct2018

Young Canadians are more at risk of a vehicle crash even five hours after inhaling cannabis, according to results of a clinical trial conducted at the Research Institute of the McGill University...

GLOBE AND MAIL | Statistics Canada promises more detailed portrait of Canadians with fewer surveys

Published: 12Oct2018

For instance, Statscan is working with McGill University and some municipalities to test wastewater samples for evidence of THC, the substance in cannabis that produces a high. Such testing could...

McGill’s Executive Institute Launches Innovative Program in Healthcare Leadership

Published: 12Oct2018

October 10, 2018 - Montreal, Canada – The McGill Executive Institute (MEI) at McGill University is launching an innovative two-day seminar focusing on leadership in the healthcare sector. The...

Quantifying evolutionary impacts of humans on the biosphere is harder than it seems

Published: 12Oct2018

Are human disturbances to the environment driving evolutionary changes in animals and plants? A new study conducted by McGill researchers finds that, on average, human disturbances don’t appear to...