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As a recipient of the Hay Foundation External Training Travel Award, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to donors who sponsor students like me in our efforts to complement our graduate studies with training opportunities that are both academically and culturally enriching.

Over the course of my studies, I have had the immense privilege of profiting from inspiring environments abroad. Being originally from Colombia, where the field of neuroscience is still quite small, I decided early on to seek the best educational and training opportunities available, even if it implied long journeys overseas.

​With this award, I took part in the Functional and Structural Brain Image Analysis Course offered by the FMRIB Centre at the University of Oxford. Attending a workshop on the exciting techniques of neuroimaging provided me with pivotal technical and analytical skills that will determine the development of my PhD project and will ultimately translate into a contribution to our understanding of the little-known cognitive impairment disorder that affects persons living with the human immunodeficiency virus. Thank you for making this possible!

Ana Lucia Fernándes Cruz
2016 Hay Foundation External Training Travel Award Winner

Given this generous award, I was able to attend the International Meeting on Spastic Paraparesis and Ataxias in June 2016 in Paris. This award provided me with the amazing opportunity to meet many distinguished scientists and gain insight into their most recent findings. The speakers from all over the world presented outstanding talks on the progress of their research in the field.
At the SPATAX conference, I presented a poster on Identifying and Characterizing Novel Variants Causing Sensory Ataxias. Other researchers also presented talks and posters in the same field. Notably, a group from New Zealand reported interesting results on patients who had sensory ataxia and/or neuropathy. So far, only one gene has been known to cause sensory ataxia in the French Canadian population; there is little data on this rare late onset disorder, thus it was absolutely valuable for us to share our findings on this disease. Overall, it was a great opportunity to be a part of this successful meeting that provided valuable data for my research.

Forough Noohi
2016 Arthur Victor Movement Disorder Travel Award Winner

 Receiving this award provided me with the amazing opportunity to attend the Spinal Cord Injury Research Training Program offered by Ohio State University, which will complement the expertise I am building at the Montreal Neurological Institute. By attending this program, I will gain an in-depth and hands-on knowledge of the spinal cord injury model. My graduate studies have developed my interest for understanding the mechanisms underlying neuronal regeneration and degeneration following neuronal injury, and I am keen on using this knowledge to develop therapeutic strategies to promote functional recovery. Learning about different nerve injury models will provide me with the expertise I need to pursue this goal throughout my scientific career.  I am so thankful that this award has provided me with the opportunity to further my training in neuronal regeneration.


Marie Pier Girouard
2016 McKerracher External Training Travel Award Winner

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