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Every patient has a story...

In their own words, these Neuro patients share their unique stories of courage, strength, inspiration and hope.  


Andrea Lavoie

 ​I was athletic and living in perfect health, when the sudden onslaught of extreme back pain forced me off work. Investigative tests revealed a tumor in my spinal column and breast cancer. It was the most frightening time of my life.

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Josie Maiorino Arcobelli

​I would love to write something inspirational and comforting to make someone's journey easier, however I cannot. There is nothing simple about being told you have a brain tumor, as your mind quickly wanders off to the worst possible situations; “What happens to me now?”.

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Paul McIntyre

​ I was working at the airport when I began to suffer severe chest pains. My first passengers came to my counter, and I could not speak. I tried to push the words out of my mouth and all I got was silence followed by bad stuttering.

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Robert D'Intino

 ​I stopped the car and pulled over, looked in the rear view mirror and the left side of my face was drooping. Not knowing what was going on, I attempted to get out of the car and I couldn't open the door with my left arm, so I used my right arm and hand to open the car door. I used my right leg to help me out of the car, then as I attempted to stand up, I immediately dropped to the ground.

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Richard Nolet

There were times when I would completely blank out and lose all ability to speak or do anything for 10 or 20 seconds at a time. [.. ] Today I’m recovering well with no new seizures, and I hope to get back to work soon.

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