A donation from the Tenaquip Foundation will help fund the world’s first ALS Phase 1 Clinical Trial Unit - here at The Neuro!

The Power of Philanthropy!

A heartfelt thank you to all of our donors! You help make the seemingly impossible... possible!

Larry Tanenbaum

A Catalyst for Progress!

A transformative $20 million gift from the Larry and Judy Tanenbaum family will help to establish the Tanenbaum Open Science Institute - a bold initiative that will facilitate the sharing of neuroscience findings worldwide.

Danielle Lepage

A Donor in the Trenches!

Mrs. Danielle Lepage-Bonin and her community of supporters help raise funds for research into Sensory Neuropathy, a rare neurological disease that disproportionately affects Quebeckers in Lanaudière. 

Inspirational Donor Funds

The Francis Boulva Memorial Fund

Susan Cameron Cook Fund

Topor Family Fund

Brain Matters

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