Giving matters to innovation. Here are some of the latest examples that demonstrate how The Neuro is innovation.

Open Science

Neuro-Palliative Care Program

The Reed Lab

Giving Matters to Innovation

Innovation Through Open Science

The Neuro is fast becoming the first Open Science Institute in the world. The objective is to expand the impact of brain research and accelerate the discovery of ground-breaking therapies to treat patients suffering from a wide range of devastating neurological diseases.


Innovative New Programs

The Neuro launched of a new clinical program designed to ease the suffering of seriously ill patients through specialized consultation and comprehensive care. The Susan Cameron Cook Neuro-Palliative Care Program, named in honour of Susan Cameron Cook, whose family provided vital seed funding for the program, has been designed with the goal of reducing the mental and physical suffering of neurological patients and their families in the journey from diagnosis of a terminal illness to end of life. 


Innovating Labs to Accelerate Research

The Reed Family Motor Neuron Disease Research - familiarly known as the Reed Lab, takes aim at neuro-motor diseases. 

"We needed a space that had some magic to it, and the Reed’s gift created that magic." – Dr. Bernard Brais, co-director of The Neuro’s Rare Neurological Disease research group

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