Stuart Lubarsky, MD, MHPE

Stuart Lubarsky, MD, MHPE
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stuart.lubarsky [at]
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Assistant Professor of Neurology
Neurology Clinic

Stuart Lubarsky, MD, MHPE, is an Assistant Professor of Neurology. He is currently an attending physician in the department of neurology at the Montreal General Hospital. He acquired a Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology at Yale University in 1998. After completing his medical training at McGill University, he obtained a Master's Degree in Health Professions Education from the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands. He is the current director of the Urgent Neurology Clinic at the Montreal General Hospital, the chair of the Undergraduate Neurology Training Committee, the founder and director of the Tele-Neurology Clinic at the MUHC, and the director of the Education Research Program for the American Academy of Neurology. His scholarly activities in medical education are based at the McGill Centre for Medical Education, and focus on clinical reasoning and assessment of competence in undergraduate and postgraduate medical trainees. He was named McGill’s Richard & Sylvia Cruess Faculty Scholar in Medical Education in 2015.

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