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Montreal researchers develop app to predict progression of brain tumours

Montreal researchers used artificial intelligence (AI) to develop a smartphone application to predict brain tumour malignancy and patients' chances of survival. The goal is to refer patients to the best treatment options. CTV News

Gene expression mirrors features of neurodegeneration

Gene-expression patterns in blood and brain parallel neuropathology and clinical deterioration, researchers in Canada report. "Our method can detect underlying temporal patterns of molecular alterations in neurodegenerative diseases, just based on the unsupervised analysis of cross-sectional molecular data," said Dr. Yasser Iturria-Medina of Montreal Neurological Institute. Reuters

Scientists identify the origin and evolution of famous concept devised by Wilder Penfield

Eye-opening research by neurosurgeons from The Neuro has produced the foremost investigation of the origin and evolution of perhaps the most famous concept devised in neurobiology--the homunculus of neurosurgeon Wilder Penfield. Medical News


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