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Train and learn with us at the EDDU.

Our Training and Outreach working group is involved in a variety of activities designed to help researchers learn how to use iPSCs in their projects, and to provide opportunities for them to engage with others in the iPSC field.


“Introduction to iPSCs” hands-on workshops

  • Lectures and hands-on training for working with iPSCs
  • Trainers from the EDDU and STEMCELL Technologies
  • Sponsorship provided by McGill’s Healthy Brains, Healthy Lives (HBHL) and STEMCELL Technologies
  • The EDDU also hosts annual iPSC workshops, which have been held virtually for the last few years. These are excellent opportunities to learn about working with human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs) and how they can be differentiated into neuronal cell types. For more details, see the June 2023 workshop.


Access to virtual training resources

  • Through the Neuro YouTube channel you can access videos of our iPSC protocols in up to six different languages to learn how to culture iPSCs and iPSC-derived neural cells.


Open protocols

  • Development of openly available protocols for culturing iPSCs and differentiating iPSCs into specific cell types
  • Visit our community and resource hub for more information about our iPSC protocols


Open access software

  • Development of openly available software to accelerate data analysis  
  • To learn more about our software, visit our community and resource hub


Undergraduate training opportunities

  • Opportunities for undergraduate students to work within the EDDU
  • Mentored by senior researcher with opportunities for projects from stem cells to developing image analysis software
  • Contact genevieve.dorval [at] (Genevieve Dorval) for further information on how you can join the team. 


iPSC Seminars

  • The Neuro’s iPSC Seminar Series welcomes trainees and senior scientists working with induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) to present their cutting-edge research
  • Visit our Events page to learn more about past speakers
  • Watch our iPSC seminar video on YouTube to learn more about the seminar


Watch for news on upcoming workshops and seminars on our Open Science Events feed.


Contact Us

Email or call us to schedule a visit to the EDDU and to meet the team.

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The Neuro
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For general inquiries: Email us at neuroeddu.mni [at]

For career and training opportunities: Contact Genevieve Dorval by genevieve.dorval [at] (email).

For operations and lab oversight: Contact Genevieve Dorval by genevieve.dorval [at] (email).

For accessing iPSCs: Please email us at neuroeddu.mni [at]

Visit our Instagram and LinkedIn for more information about work being done at the EDDU.

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For training and staff positions, please email genevieve.dorval [at] (Genevieve Dorval).

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