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Clinical Biospecimen Imaging and Genetic Repository (C-BIG)

Accelerating translational research on neurological disorders


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“The C-BIG Repository gives researchers and clinicians worldwide access to entirely new and unique tools to study neurological disease. These tools, which include rare patient specimens and patient-derived cell lines, are open access and will help researchers to study diseases in novel ways, and identify new targets for disease-specific and personalized therapies.” - Jason Karamchandani

About the C-BIG Repository

The Neuro C-BIG is the first Open Science biorepository for patients with neurological disease and healthy controls and an open access resource for the global scientific community.

  • It includes biological samples such as blood cells, and serum samples along with clinical data, imaging and genetics data from 3,000 de-identified participants as well as a large collection of patient-derived iPSC lines.
  • This robust collection drives researchers to develop key insights into the biology underlying neurological diseases disorders, and facilitates the development of new and better treatments for patients and their families.
  • The data and samples are available to researchers around the world, in line with The Neuro's Open Science principles.
  • The Repository is supported by a unique ethical framework that empowers people to voluntarily take part in research aimed at advancing understanding of their own diseases. It also recognizes the primacy of safeguarding the dignity and privacy of all participants, and respecting their rights and responsibilities through the informed consent process.


The C-BIG Repository is governed by a board composed of members from the broader scientific community including external and internal experts in ethics, neuroscience and Open Science.


For more information, cbig.mni [at] mcgill.ca (email us)


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