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Info for Patients and Referring Clinicians

our clinical services

We are an interdisciplinary autism clinic that offers personalized services from childhood (at our satellite site at the Montreal Children’s Hospital) into adulthood (at The Neuro), including: 

  • Differential diagnosis, cognitive, and neuropsychological assessments
  • Identification of co-occurring neurodevelopmental conditions
  • Medical management of autism with genetic and neurological co-occurring conditions 
  • Family navigation and support toward accessing existing resources


Taking part in research

We follow an integrated clinical research model. This means that clinical data helps to advance research, and research informs patients' clinical care in a tailored way.

Patients are enrolled in research studies through our network of clinician-researchers using an “opt out” approach (that is, participation in research with the option to drop out at any time without interruption to clinical services).

These include, but are not limited to, studies such as:

Patients may also access available trials of behavioural interventions not offered anywhere else in the healthcare system.


Email us at autism [at] (subject: Request%20to%20sign-up%20for%20ACAR%20research%20study)  for more information about ongoing research studies and trials. 


Getting an appointment

Information for patients 

We accept patients on a referral basis who are being followed by a MUHC-affiliated clinician or service provider to our ACAR Clinic located at The Neuro.

For more information about accessing our services, ask your healthcare provider.


Information for referring clinicians

Services for pediatric patients at ACAR's satellite site at the Montreal Children’s Hospital:

  • Services for pediatric patients can be accessed through referral to the Brain, Development and Behaviour (BDB) program at the Montreal Children's Hospital, with whom we have a partnership, for patients who indicate an interest in research on their BDB intake form. 

The ACAR Clinic at The Neuro accepts patients on a referral basis who meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Individuals who are being followed by a MUHC-affiliated clinician, service provider or clinic

  • Individuals who are enrolled in an ACAR research protocol

  • Individuals who meet one of the criteria above and fall into one of the following categories:

    • Individuals aged 16 or older presenting with symptoms of autism who have not already been evaluated

    • Individuals aged 16 or older with an established diagnosis who require evaluation for possible co-occurring neurodevelopmental condition (e.g., intellectual disability, ADHD)

Note: Second opinion referrals will be considered on a case-by-case basis

Not eligible:

  • Individuals for whom the primary reason for referral is the removal of an autism diagnosis

  • Individuals who are not already followed through a service at the MUHC (Note: If your patient is not followed through the MUHC, refer to their CIUSSS/CISSS for services)

  • Individuals for whom the primary reason for referral is a mental health issue (Note: Refer instead to an appropriate mental health service)


Email us at autism [at] (subject: Request%20to%20sign-up%20for%20ACAR%20research%20study) for more information

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Our clinical team


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