Patient Stories

Every patient has a story...

Each patient at The Neuro is unique and differs in age, experience and story. Here are a few of those stories, as told in the patient's own words. We hope that these stories provide information, strength and inspiration. 

Tanya Ladouceur - Stopping the Seizures

14 Nov 2018

"I was immediately impressed and amazed by their demeanour, care, compassion and most importantly, their knowledge."

From a patient’s perspective, staff at The Neuro are special because of their knowledge, dedication, compassion and their track record.



Marie-Lise Tremblay - Life after a brain tumour

23 Oct 2018

“If not for Dr. Petrecca,” says Tremblay, “I would be dead.”

“Dr. Petrecca succeeded in removing 98 per cent of the tumour cells. That’s far more than I ever expected. He spent a long time minutely removing everything he could.”



Manon Day - Living with young onset Parkinson's Disease

10 Oct 2018

My name is Manon Day and I am 34 years old. My first neurological symptoms appeared at age 17... In 2011, I had the chance to be referred to The Neuro where I saw Dr. Ron Postuma...



Sophie Jodouin - Seizure free thanks to surgery

22 Jun 2018

I was a young teenager and in perfect health, when suddenly I started having absence seizures at school. However, undiagnosed as such, I would often tell my mother how I got lost in the classroom...


Carole Paquin – Living with ALS

7 Jun 2018

As someone who worked at a school for physically handicapped children, Carole Paquin was familiar with people who did not have full use of their limbs and who needed to find the will to cope....


Living with MS – A patient’s story

9 May 2018

Marc Vaillancourt remembers his defiant reaction when Dr. Liam Durcan, a neurologist at The Neuro, confirmed a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis (MS)....


Living with Parkinson’s disease

9 Apr 2018

To 44-year-old Linda Bérard, Parkinson’s disease (PD) was a disease that struck old people, not physically active people like her in the prime of life. It was the tremors in her right leg that...


Overcoming Epilepsy Part 1: Tommy Hains

26 Mar 2018

As a teenager Tommy Hains of Ottawa began having auras - brief spells in which he looked dazed and felt dizzy. He brushed it off until the day he experienced a seizure that left no doubt he was...


Overcoming Epilepsy Part 2: Nicole Cresenzi

26 Mar 2018

Epilepsy is a neurological condition that can affect people from all backgrounds. Children make up 30 per cent of new cases, though seizures eventually disappear in about half of child cases....


Richard Nolet

14 Dec 2017

I was diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy in September, 2015, after having my first seizure. I had to leave my job in shipping/receiving because it involved working nights and lack of sleep...


Sheldon Ludwick

9 May 2017

My first seizure happened in 2005 when I was on an Air Canada flight from Hong Kong to Toronto. It was Christmas Eve, and my wife and three kids were at the airport on their way to Mexico. I was to...


Andrea Lavoie

19 Apr 2017

I was athletic and living in perfect health, when the sudden onslaught of extreme back pain forced me off work.  Investigative tests revealed a tumor in my spinal column and breast cancer. ...


Josie Maiorino Arcobelli

9 Mar 2017

I would love to write something inspirational and comforting to make someone's journey easier, however I cannot. There is nothing simple about being told you have a brain tumor...


Robert D'Intino

9 Mar 2017

I was in Florida on vacation on August 6, 2001 when all of a sudden, while driving a car with a friend, I dropped a water bottle out of my left hand....


Paul McIntyre

8 Mar 2017

On July 18, 2016 at 3:15 a.m., I was working at the airport when I began to suffer severe chest pains....


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