Funding Call for Neuro Community Open Science Initiatives


The Tanenbaum Open Science Institute (TOSI) is requesting proposals from the Neuro community to identify and support Open Science initiatives.

Goal: Supporting Open Science Community Initiatives

The purpose of this funding call is for TOSI to support initiatives emerging from the Neuro community that facilitate open sharing of scientific outputs with key stakeholders, including other researchers, patients, policy makers, and the public.

Some examples of relevant initiatives include:

  • Developing software tools
  • Producing and disseminating guides and educational materials
  • Organizing community development events (e.g., hackathons)
  • Providing peer-support for Open Science practices
  • Hosting events and forums for communicating scientific results to non-researchers
  • Creating online communities for open sharing
  • Supporting patient partnership and outreach initiatives
  • Exploring the use of new methods of scholarly communication (e.g., open lab notebooks or micropublications)

This list is meant to be illustrative, but is not exhaustive. If you are part of an initiative aimed at promoting the open sharing of research, or want to start one, TOSI invites you to submit a proposal.

Important note: This funding opportunity is not primarily intended to support the generation of research outputs (i.e., the collection of data or obtaining materials/reagents). Proposals should be primarily aimed at easing the sharing of research through developing infrastructure or educational materials, or the communication of research to key stakeholders (e.g., researchers, patients, policy makers, and the public).

Eligibility and Conditions

  1. At least one leading member of the initiative must belong to the Neuro community (i.e., trainee, researcher, clinician, and/or research associate working in Neuro affiliated labs).
  2. All outputs of initiatives supported by TOSI funds must be released as openly as practically possible. Video recordings and educational materials, for example, should be publicly accessible and apply a Creative Commons license, and software should be publicly shared under an Open Source Initiative approved license.
  3. All outputs of initiatives supported by TOSI should acknowledge TOSI support in all communications and report progress to TOSI through a short report at the end of the project.
  4. Recipients must agree to present at the Neuro Open Science in Action annual symposium, or any other OS-related event, if requested.


The total TOSI funding for 2021 is CAD $50,000, and the goal is to fund 3-5 projects at CAD $5,000 - $20,000 per project.


Proposals may be submitted to the address below as of September 20, 2021.

The deadline for receiving proposals is October 20, 2021.

Applicants will be informed as to whether their initiative has been chosen to receive funding within a month of submission. In the case of a decision not to fund an initiative, TOSI may provide brief feedback concerning how the proposal could be improved for possible resubmission, if the funding total is not reached in the first round.


The proposal should be max. 2 pages, 12-point font, including any figures, images, or tables, and should:

  • Identify the people involved, including identifying members of the Neuro community
  • Describe the initiative, highlighting its aims and how it advances the ability of researchers to practice open science
  • List what concrete outcomes and outputs are expected
  • Describe how and where the outputs will be shared
  • Include a proposed budget outlining how much funding is requested (CAD $5,000 - $20,000), how the funds will be used, and other funding sources available to support the initiative
  • Include a statement on how the initiative promotes Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Proposals can be submitted as a PDF via email to TOSI at tosi [at]

You can find a template for proposals here 


Proposals will be evaluated by the Neuro’s Open Science Grassroots Initiatives Committee (GRC) at the GRC’s October meeting. If the $50,000 funding total is not reached another funding call will be made.

The GRC will assess proposals based on:

  • The ability to promote open sharing of scientific outputs in line with The Neuro’s Open Science Guiding Principles,
  • Feasibility given the proposed budget, and
  • Potential to make a concrete impact on the practice of Open Science at The Neuro.

Examples of Initiatives Funded in 2020 and Further Guidance

In 2020 TOSI, working with the GRC, identified and supported several Open Science initiatives arising from the Neuro community. The examples of 2020 funded initiatives below are provided to highlight some kinds of initiatives this funding call aims to support.


NeuroLingo is a neuroscience outreach initiative founded and managed by graduate students in the Integrated Program in Neuroscience at McGill University. NeuroLingo helps guide IPN trainees in science communication, in part by running free public conferences where trainees give accessible TED-like talks about their research. TOSI Grassroots Funding in 2020 helped support the February 2021 Public Neuroscience Conference, as well as the summer conference in August 2021.

For more information about NeuroLingo, please see their website:

The Curious Neuron Podcast

The Curious Neuron is dedicated to parenting advice backed by science. A crucial vehicle for providing this advice is through the Curious Neuron Podcast, hosted by Cindy Hovington and Marion Van Horn (a Research Associate at The Neuro). TOSI support helped the podcast create and disseminate episodes to reach more parents.

For more information about Curious Neuron Podcast, please see their website:

Neurodata Without Borders Data Conversion Pipeline

Neurodata Without Borders (NWB) is an open data standard for electrophysiology that is gaining increasing uptake within the global neuroscience research community. Through TOSI Support, the Peyrache Lab created data conversion software to convert their collected research data into the NWB format. The conversion tool will be made openly available via Github under an open-source license.




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