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Open Science Platforms

Clinical Biologic Imaging and Genetic Repository

“It is essential that we aggregate biological materials and high-quality multi-modal patient data to advance our understanding of the molecular changes driving rare neurological diseases. With the Open Science C-BIG repository, we are making it easier to do clinical and translational research, accelerating our ability to collect meaningful information with the goal of improving patient care."

- Jason Karamchandani

The Neuro's Open Science Clinical Biologic Imaging and Genetic Repository (C-BIG repository) initiative is a one-of-a-kind deposit of brain material and data. It is primed to become the world’s largest library of brain imaging, clinical, demographic, genetic (DNA) and cellular data, and samples from patients with neurological disorders. It follows emerging social innovation in research and healthcare whereby patients actively participate in their own care; and this is aligned with the historical roots of The Neuro.

Early Drug Discovery Platform

“The Neuro’s Early Drug Discovery Platform fuels Open Science at The Neuro and beyond. We are actively engaging and working with pharma and industry partners, training the next generation of researchers, and using the platform to fill a critical gap in the drug discovery pathway."

- Edward Fon

To understand the disease process, it is necessary to harness the latest technological advances in stem cell biology and genome editing to model the cellular and molecular defects responsible for neurological diseases. We believe that access to a combination of novel highly quality tools (structures, gene expression and silencing, proteins, antibodies, molecular probes) in an array of patient-specific neurons will be a game-changer for scientists, industry and patients because it will enable the elucidation of disease mechanisms and the discovery of novel therapies in the cell types most relevant to the disease. However, we realize that we cannot do everything alone. That is why patient-derived iPSC lines and components of the toolkits will be made available to scientists around the world who are engaged in cutting-edge research in order to accelerate the pace of discovery.

Neuro Informatics

“The Open Science revolution is dramatically changing the way we do science. Making data freely available through The Neuro’s informatics platforms means that more people are using data to test their ideas. This accelerates the process of discovery and shortens the time to develop vital treatments for people with neurological diseases."

- Alan Evans

With the digital age, an ethos of transparency and information-sharing for social benefit has taken hold. Using informatics platforms and innovative mathematical and statistical approaches, developed by Neuro scientists, to integrate clinical, psychological or neuroimaging phenotypes with genotypic information, we can take advantage of powerful computer networks that can now secure large-scale data sharing capabilities and multifaceted analyses of data.

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The Neuro is a McGill research and teaching institute; delivering the highest quality patient care, as part of the Neuroscience Mission of the McGill University Health Centre. We are proud to be a Killam Institution, supported by the Killam Trusts.