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Measuring The Impact Of Open Science

Open Science is a major investment. We have a responsibility to our patients and our researchers to demonstrate that the initiative will fulfill its promises.

It will allow us to advocate convincingly for open science and help other institutions that think it is a good idea to make the jump to open science. By measuring the impact of our efforts, we hope to validate the approach and push this movement forward.

The impact of Open Science promises to be positive and significant:

  • Speed up innovation by eliminating time spent negotiating the patent process for for early-stage discoveries.
  • Allow patients and research study subjects to more actively participate in research in an environment that protects confidentiality, and the integrity of data
  • Allow healthcare providers and hospitals to put clinical innovations into practice more quickly and to introduce medical discoveries on an accelerated timeline.
  • Solidify Montreal’s reputation as an innovative, knowledge-based biomedical hub.

In order for Open Science to live to its promises, The Neuro has mandated an independent Open Science Evaluation Committee. This committee, chaired by Richard Gold from the McGill Centre for Intellectual Property Policy and composed of international social scientists from Biomedical Ethics, Economics and Innovation policy, will measure the impact of open science at The Neuro.

The committee will work with organizations such as the OECD to define appropriate metrics and evaluate the open science model in order to identify academic, innovation, and research policies that promote global economic and social well-being.

The committee will assess:

Is The Neuro living up to its Principles and Best Practices?

The effect on research
Do researchers outside of The Neuro make use of the data and materials that The Neuro has made available?

The effect on institutional norms
Do other institutions follow, in whole or in part, The Neuro’s lead on open science?

Internal effect
Does The Neuro attract additional resources, whether human or financial, as a result of the Initiative?

Local economic effect
Does the Initiative lead to new innovation or jobs in the Greater Montreal region?

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