Marilyn Jones-Gotman, PhD (Retired)

Marilyn Jones-Gotman, PhD (Retired)
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Marilyn Jones-Gotman’s interests focus on brain function related to cognition and epilepsy, and on human olfaction and gustation, which she has pursued via lesion studies (patients), healthy subjects and functional neuroimaging. Those studies have investigated how learning mechanisms differ as a function of task requirements and of stimulus types such as faces, words, designs or odors. Having been a clinician-scientist throughout her career, and arising from her clinical work, she has developed cognitive tests tailored specifically for patients with epilepsy, improving significantly the sensitivity and specificity of neuropsychological tools used in the clinical evaluation of these patients.

Selected publications: 

Jones-Gotman M. Brain, behavior, epilepsy, smell: My life in neuropsychology and how I got there. Epilepsy and Behavior 59, 157-160, 2016.

Banks SJ, Feindel W, Milner B, Jones-Gotman M. Cognitive function fifty-six years after surgical treatment of temporal-lobe epilepsy: A case study. Epilepsy and Behavior Case Reports 2, 31-36, 2014.

Coppin G, Nolan-Poupart S, Jones-Gotman M, Small DM. Working memory and reward association learning impairments in obesity. Neuropsychologia 65, 146-155, 2014.

Djordjevic J, Boyle JA, Jones-Gotman M. Pleasant or unpleasant: Attentional modulation of odor perception. Chemosensory Perception 5(1), 11-21, 2012.

Banks SJ, Sziklas V, Sodums D, Jones-Gotman M. FMRI of verbal and nonverbal memory processes in healthy and epileptogenic medial temporal lobes. Epilepsy and Behavior 25(1), 42-9, 2012.

Djordjevic J, Smith ML, Sziklas V, Piper D, Penicaud S, Jones-Gotman M. The Story Learning and Memory test (SLaM): Equivalence of three forms and sensitivity to left temporal-lobe dysfunction. Epilepsy and Behavior 20, 518-523, 2011.

Small DM, Zatorre RJ, Dagher A, Evans A, Jones-Gotman M. Changes in brain activity related to eating chocolate: From pleasure to aversion. Brain 124, 1720-1733, 2001.

Zatorre RJ, Jones-Gotman M, Evans A, Meyer E. Functional localization and lateralization of human olfactory cortex. Nature 360, 339-340, 1992.

Research areas: 
Cognitive Neuroscience

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