Killam Seminar Series 2018-2019

Supported by the generosity of the Killam Trusts, the MNI's Killam Seminar Series invites outstanding guest speakers whose research is of interest to the scientific community at the MNI and McGill University.

Seminars are held on Tuesday afternoons at 4:00 pm in the de Grandpré Communications Centre in the Brain Tumour Research Centre.  In the spirit of the MNI designation as an Open Science Institute some lecturers have agreed to have their lectures live-streamed on the MNI Youtube channel.  The live link is available below for individual speakers.

For information on the series, please contact
Dr. Alyson Fournier
Telephone: (514) 398-3154 or
killamlectures.mni [at] (Email)

Date Speaker Lecture Host Watch Live
September 11, 2018      
September 18, 2018      
September 25, 2018      
October 2, 2018

Massimo Scanziani

University of California

Cortical Circuits of Vision Massimo Avoli
October 9, 2018 Carole Schuurmans Proneural Genes and the Regulation of Neural Stem Cell Quiescence, Proliferation and Differentiation JF Cloutier
October 16, 2018

Roy Alcalay

Columbia University

GBA and Other Lysosomal Enzymes in Parkinson's Disease Ziv Gan-Or
October 23, 2018

Craig E. Brown

University of Victoria

Imaging Cellular REsponses to Brain Micro-Bleeds an Blockages in Healthy and Co-Morbid Conditions Edith Hamel
October 30, 2018

Sophia Vinogradov

University of Minnesota

Successful Cognitive Training Induces Both Restorative and Compensatory Neural System Plasticity in People with Schizophrenia Etienne de Villers-Sidani
November 6, 2018   SFN ANNUAL MEETING  
November 13, 2018      
November 20, 2018   WILDER PENFIELD LECTURE  
November 27, 2018

Hendrik Poinar

McMaster University

Rewriting Black Death and the Second Pandemic of Plague: Integrating History, Genetics, Climate and Ecology Guy Rouleau
December 5, 2018

Alexandra Golby

Brigham and Women's Hospital

Carrying Coals to Newcastle:  Brain Mapping for Operative Guidance Louis Collins
December 11, 2018

Marco Prado

Robarts Research Institute

The prion Protein-Chaperone connection in Neurodegenerative Diseases Thomas Durcan
January 8, 2019      
January 15, 2019

Derrick Gibbings

University of Ottawa

Stress Granules, Autophagy and ALS Gary Armstrong
January 22, 2019

Herman Wolosker

The Ruth and Bruce Rapport Faculty of Medicine

Technion Israel Institute of Technology

Astroglia Regulation of Synaptic Plasticity and Neurodevelopment:  Role of the Serine Shuttle Edward Fon
January 29, 2019      
February 5, 2019

Brenda L. Banwell

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Multiple Sclerosis in Children - Journey of a Clinical Investigator Bernard Brais
February 12, 2019

Stéphane Lehericy

Centre for Neuroimaging Research Institut du Cerveau et de la Moelle épinière Hôpital Pitié-Salpêtrière

Paris, France

MRI of Brainstem and Basal Forebrain Lesions and Relationships with Motor and Non-Motor Symptoms in Parkinson’s Disease Julien Doyon
February 19, 2019

Jonathan Kipnis

University of Virginia

Meningeal Immunity and lymphatics in Brain Function and Dysfunction Heidi McBride
February 26, 2019      
March 5, 2019

Christopher Brett

Concordia University

  Peter McPherson
March 12, 2019

Hanns Lochmuller

University of Ottawa

2019 George Karpati Lecture Ken Hastings
March 19, 2019

Claire Benard

UQAM, Montreal and University of Massachusetts

  Tim Kennedy
March 26, 2019

Jun-Hyeong Cho

University of California

Encoding of Associative Memory in Engram Cell Pathway Wayne Sossin
April 2, 2019

Adriana Di Martino

NYU Langone Health

  Boris Bernhardt
April 9, 2019

Theodore D. Satterthwaite

University of Pennsylvania

Challenges and Opportunities in using Neuroimaging to Understand Brain Development and Psychopatholgy Bratislav Misic
April 16, 2019

Tuan Trang

University of Calgary

  Philippe Seguela
April 23, 2019

Joseph Kable

University of Pennsylvania

  Lesley Fellows
April 30, 2019 Brian MacVicar JERZY OLSZEWSKI LECTURE Barbara Jones
May 7, 2019

Jean-Christophe Poncer

Institut du Fer a Moullin

  Massimo Avoli
May 14, 2019

Peter Jenner

Institute of Pharmaceutical Science

  Philippe Huot
May 21, 2019

Simone Di Giovanni

Imperial College London

  Alyson Fournier
May 28, 2019

Liset M. de la Prida

Instituto Cajal _ CSIC

  Adrien Peyrache
June 4, 2019

David Poeppel

NYU and Max Plank Institute

  Sylvain Baillet

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