Research Associate (Neuro Degenerative Disorders under Dr. Peter McPherson)


Published: 16Jun2020

Primary duties:
As a research associate, the applicant will work independently on a research project in the laboratory of Dr. Peter McPherson. The aim of the project will be to characterize and assess the functional role of the protein DENND5A, which is the gene product mutated in a unique form of epileptic encephalopathy, a developmental neurological disease. The experimental techniques required to determine the function of DENND5A include but are not limited to live imaging fluorescence microscopy, molecular cloning, protein expression, primary cell cultures including hippocampal and neuronal cultures, antibody production and characterization, and lentiviral production. The individual will design and execute independently the experimental approaches necessary for the project. He/She will also analyze the data and contribute closely to the writing and publication of the scientific manuscripts.

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