Research Associate (Neural Circuits Research Group under Dr. Philippe Séguéla)


Published: 15Jun2020

Primary duties:
The Research Associate will work independently on research projects in the laboratory of Dr. Philippe Séguéla at the MNI. His/Her work will be focused on the molecular physiology of neuronal ion channels (ex. ASIC, P2X, TRP, Piezo2) and their roles in pathological excitability in pain circuits. He/She will design the necessary experimental protocols, including, but not restricted to, strategies for the identification of selective antagonists and for the characterization of their pharmacological properties on specific sensory channels expressed in mammalian cell lines, primary neurons in culture or brain slices using patch clamp electrophysiological and cellular imaging approaches. It will also be his/her responsibility to initiate the development of a fluorescence-based voltage sensing assay in mammalian cells. Will analyze the data, write reports in due time, make presentations, participate to lab meetings and contribute to the writing of manuscripts and grant applications. When required, he/she will be involved in teaching and supervision of technical staff as well as trainees.

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